From coffee sacks or disused clothes, they are worked slowly to increase their value, turning them into authentic luxury items.

But the creativity of the designer from Castellana Lane goes beyond her original idea and, although the jute bag has been kept as a sign of identity, other natural fabrics such as silk tulle or sinamay have been introduced to turn them into objects of desire for all those women who put quality before quantity, who are committed to differentiating themselves and to responsible consumption.

Nature as a constant source of inspiration results in bags flooded with flowers and other natural elements, created by using different techniques and materials. Organic and different bags, created for romantic and unique women.

The perfect details and finishes as a sign of the brand's identity. At Castellana Lane, nothing is the result of chance, as everything is designed with care, thus achieving that uniqueness that characterizes an exclusive piece.

Behind each piece there is a story that begins with its production. A story of brave women who fight for their future by valuing the traditions of the past. But the story of each piece does not end with its acquisition, as each bag becomes a travel companion, of unforgettable moments, of dreams and illusions. The only difference is that now the person in charge of writing it is you.


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